Family & Friends® CPR

Life-Saving Training for Community

Zumedic offers the American Heart Association's Family & Friends CPR Course for those in the general community for learning general life saving measures. Skills taught include Adult and Child CPR, AED, severe airway block management. This course is desgined for those who are interested in CPR but do not require a certification card for job or regulation requirements. Typically people who enroll in this course include community groups, babysitters, new parents, and everyone else who wants to perform CPR in an emergency environment.

Zumedic CPR Training Facility

This course is led by an AHA certified instructor and is taught in our Zumedic CPR Training facility.  This is a specialized training classroom equipped with state of the art simulation center, CPR mannikins and AED, along with interactive format designed to maximize the learning experience.

• Classes are taught in the most up to date 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC 
• AHA certified instructors teaching you in a spacious simulation environment 
• Training centered on giving high quality compressions and simulating real world environment with state of the art equipment
• Video-based course with real world scenarios
• Estimated 3 -4 Hour class time 





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Our training is always with an AHA Certified Trainer.

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